Multi-Family / Commercial Properties

Roof Renew will protect your investment and your profit, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Roof Renew is a solution for:

  • Apartment Buildings: Get another 5-15 years out of the roof. Save HUGE $’s against your maintenance / capital budget. And NO disruption for your tenants!
  • Town Home Communities / HOA’s: most HOA’s don’t carry enough in cash reserves to fund a roof replacement project. Roof Renew can extend the life of the existing roof by 5-15 years, saving as much as 80% of the replacement cost. If you’re a property manager or HOA representative responsible for maintenance, you owe it to yourself to call us! (833)RENEWVA
  • Commercial Properties: Any structure with an asphalt shingle roof is a candidate for Roof Renew. Whether you have a roof that’s near the end of its life or you want to apply Roof Renew as preventative maintenance, it’s a cost effective solution!
  • Investment Property Owners: A roof that needs replacing can eat up your net income on an investment property. Deferring that cost by applying Roof Renew can preserve your cash and increase the profitability of your investment.


Important Facts:

  • Roof Renew guarantees the treated shingles will remain flexible for 5 years after the first treatment or we’ll re-treat the affected area(s). But, this stuff really works, so we don’t think we’ll have to!!
  • You can re-treat the shingles every 5 years to extend their life by up to 15 years with 3 treatments.
  • The application process is clean, fast, and totally non-disruptive to your tenants. You can’t say that about roof replacement!
  • Agricultural oil solutions have been used to rejuvenate asphalt pavement for almost 20 years. DOT’s in Canada and the U.S. use these oils to treat roadways. Greener Shingles, for which Roof Renew is the exclusive dealer in Virginia, has simply reformulated the solution for use on asphalt shingle roofs. These solutions have proven themselves as highly effective rejuvenators!